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The Story of Vlad and Bell

In our travels we have made an amazing discovery, let us introduce you to the El Vaquero Brand. Handmade by Father and Son in Tuscany, since 1975. These have been designed to instill a sense of joy, beauty and individuality, each piece evokes passion and freedom and is made to wear while making memories with you and your better half.

Love Vlad and Bell

Our Values

Who Are we?

Vlad and Bell is a boutique label based in Queensland, Australia that embodies a unique mix of style and creativity. We source our boots and bags from a famous designer in Tuscany. We have also searched far and wide and bring you our favorite pieces from all over the world for you to enjoy as we do. All pieces are handmade with passion with a story to tell.

We offer 100% commitment to natural fibre fabrics, ethical and sustainable manufacturing, with a focus on handcrafted products